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Guided Meditation to Meet the Older You

Meditation today…

You find yourself walking down a huge spiral staircase surrounded by stone. Down and down you go. You walk down 20 floors ( counting them one by one) and finally arrive at a massive door. You open the door and enter an entirely new world. You look around and see you are in a forest. A forest filled with colors. Magenta, turquoise, swirls of neon green and electric blue light up the sky. The beautiful colors keep the forest a bright and peirces the starry dark sky. You are calm and serene. You are on an adventure. You look down at your feet and realize that you are barefoot. As you step you see colors bounce off the groud, the energy rebounding of your feet. What colors are these? After acknowleging your unique color, you start walking. You realize there is a dirt path ahead of you. There seems to be animals moving vibrantly through the forest. As you peer closer you are able to spot the majestic animal. What animal do you see? This animal is known as your spirit guide and will help you on your adventure. You continue on the dirt path enjoying the colors swirling around in the sky. Up ahead you see an extremely large building. it is made out of stone, and has a huge arch doorway and large cylindar pillars.. You realize this building is from the ancient greek period. As you climb the staircase, you gain confidence that you are in fact going the right direction.

Finally you are able to see inside. A lake full of torquise water meets your eyes. In the middle of the lake sits a large patch of grass and a garden filled with your favorite flowers. You also see a hooded figure standing in the grass. The figure gestures for you to come closer. Unafraid you look for a way to cross over to the grass. Suddenly stones appear in the water. The stones are made of differenty gemstones. You start to walk on the gemstones to reach the garden. With each step you feel different vibrant enegies shoot through your body. Love, happiness, confidence, courage, wisdom, power. Step by step you come closer to the garden. You look to the right, and you see coy fish swimming round and round. There is balance and harmony here. As you get to the garden the figure stands waiting, yet you still cannot see who it is. You reach out to pull down the hood. Underneath the hood appears an older version of yourself. The older you smiles happy to see you. There are two soft pillows to sit down comfortably on. As you peer at your older self you realize that now is the time to ask your future self questions. To recevie the confidence you need, to understand that everything is going to be ok, to recieve clarity.

Take as long as you would like, and remember to write down the information that you have gained.

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